Prop Bet Outcomes Affected by Terrible Seahawks Goal Line Call


Everyone has heard about the terrible 2nd down and 1 call made by the Seattle Seahawks with less than 30 seconds left in the Super Bowl. This turned out to be a nightmare for more than just the Seahawks and their fans.

Most sports books did not win off of the side or total. The worst case scenario for many books was the Patriots and the over. Both of those hit.

An even bigger problem is that all four sides of the teasers won. Any player that picked Seattle/New England with over/under in any teaser combination cashed. A late Seahawks touchdown would have changed that. Had the Seahawks won the game, all of the teasers that included the under would have lost.

Those are not the only tickets that were saved by that interception.

Russell Wilson had gone the entire game without an interception up to that point. The line on the number of picks he would throw was .5. This turned the over into winners with 20 seconds left in the game.

5Dimes offered a prop bet on whether a player would be ejected:

  • Yes +1000
  • No -2000

That caused a big swing of cash when Seahawks LB Bruce Irvin got thrown out of the game.

The Super Bowl MVP would not have been Tom Brady. Instead, it would have likely gone to Russell Wilson for his turnover-free game or perhaps Marshawn Lynch. The +1200 winner of Super Bowl winner thanking his family first probably does not win. If Lynch wins it, “MVP winner thanks nobody” probably hits at +250.

The New England Patriots dumped blue Gatorade on the Bill Belichick to celebrate the win. That big underdog paid +750 at Bovada. That color could have been different had the Seahawks won. The player and team that scores last would have been different, barring a miracle comeback by the Patriots. The winner of the “Will there be a score in the last two minutes of the Super Bowl?” would have also had a different outcome.

Spreadapedia pointed out on Twitter Monday that the over/under on number of rushes by Marshawn Lynch was 24.5. He ended the game with 24. He also pointed out that a Seattle score would have made the second half total higher than the first half, as well as created a score of under 1.5 yards, another prop bet that is commonly available.

Sharps Won All Big Favorites, But With a Scare

Sharps that bet no safety got a late scare when the Patriots started with the ball inside the one yard line after the goal line interception, made worse by an excessive celebration penalty. This did not give Brady enough room to kneel the ball down. Luckily for those bettors, the Seahawks immediately committed a penalty that prevented any chance for a safety.

The safety was not the only large favorites sharps like to hit that survived. There were no two-point conversions, defensive or special teams touchdowns, and there was no overtime.

Prop Bets Add Different Element to Super Bowl

This is one reason why prop bets make the Super Bowl so much fun. There were still a few prop bets that could have been decided, even after the game was clearly won by the Patriots.


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